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David Lane, Partner



David Lane is a featured lecturer in over 75 criminal defense seminars throughout the United

States, including many national seminars devoted to various aspects of death penalty litigation

and civil rights topics. Mr. Lane has spoken extensively and nationally regarding the Colorado

method of jury selection in capital cases. He is a frequent lecturer in law schools and in

undergraduate colleges on topics involving civil rights and criminal defense.


Mr. Lane has been certified by numerous U.S. District Courts for accepting federal criminal appointments including death penalty cases at trial, on appeal, and in post-conviction.


  • Colorado ACLU, Board Member, 1993-1994  


  • Colorado ACLU, Legal Panel Member, 1993-1996   


  • Colorado Criminal Defense Bar Association, Board Member, 1994-1998   


  • Amnesty International, Member


  • National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys, Member


  • University of Colorado School of Law, Adjunct Professor of Law, 1988-1995  


  • University of Denver School of Law, 1995-present


  • Colorado Criminal Defense Bar Jonathan Olom Award for Exceptional Service and Sacrifice, Recipient


  • Newsed Community Development Civil Rights Award, Recipient

  • Newsed Community Development Award, Recipient

  • Center For American and International Law Commitment Award, Recipient

  • American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Colorado Carl Whitehead Award, Recipient

  • Colorado Trial Lawyer’s Association Case of the Year Award, Recipient

  • Colorado Developmental Disabilities Council Dan B. Davidson Award, Recipient




David A. Lane began his career as a public defender in New York City in 1980, representing indigent criminal defendants charged with crimes primarily in Brooklyn. Mr. Lane is currently a partner at Killmer, Lane & Newman, LLP.  He has been in private practice since 1987 practicing both criminal defense and civil rights litigation. Over the course of his career, Mr. Lane has taken approximately 200 cases through jury trials in state and federal courts, ranging in length from two-days through months-long, complex trials including white collar crimes and death penalty cases.  He is also very experienced in the appellate arena having argued the First Amendment case of Reichle v. Howards in the United States Supreme Court.  He has appeared in numerous state Supreme Courts and many federal appellate courts. Mr. Lane has been certified by numerous federal courts as “learned counsel” for federal death penalty cases. He has been retained by several foreign governments to represent their nationals in serious American criminal cases.

Mr. Lane has also represented numerous individuals in First Amendment freedom of speech cases both in the workplace and in many other contexts. His civil rights practice includes many lawsuits against the police, prisons and jails alleging police brutality, lack of medical care and other constitutional violations of human rights. He also represents plaintiffs who are discriminated against in the workplace who have alleged race, age, sex, disability and religious discrimination. Mr. Lane has been an adjunct professor of law both at the University of Colorado School of Law and the University of Denver School of Law, having taught Criminal Trial Advocacy, Professional Responsibility, and Death Penalty Jurisprudence for many years. Mr. Lane has appeared in the national news media countless times as an expert commentator on civil rights and criminal defense issues. He has also received many awards for his work.




  • University of California, Berkeley (Boalt Hall School of Law), California, J.D. 1980


  • University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, B.A. 1977




  • United States Supreme Court


  • Numerous Federal Circuit Courts of Appeal


  • Colorado Supreme Court


  • New York Supreme Court


  • California Supreme Court


  • District Courts all over the country





  • NAACP Legal Defense Fund's Airlie Conference for death penalty defense attorneys  

  • Numerous bar conferences regarding criminal defense issues

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